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Update 1/19/2015: One Billion Books has a Tumblr!

In my last update, I mentioned that I probably wouldn’t be posting as often anymore. Well, as you may have noticed, my prediction came true– that update was posted in June of 2014.

I did really love posting for you guys, so I’ve decided to start One Billion Books back up again by creating a Tumblr page. I’ll be starting off with the 2015 Reading Challenge, reviewing each of the books I read and posting photos, quotes, and much more whenever possible. I’ll remember to use this Tumblr page more than I did on here, simply because I already use Tumblr a lot and it’ll give me something more to do. I just set up the page today, so you won’t find much on it yet, but here’s the link to the new One Billion Books Tumblr page. And, as always, you can find and add me on Goodreads, where I’ll keep updating until the day I die, and e-mail me at

Hope to hear from you all soon!