Update: 6/17/2014

So, it’s been a little over six months since I last reviewed a book on this site. However, if you follow my gaming blog, you’ll notice my last post was only about two weeks ago. You can ask me why, but I just don’t have an answer. I’m still reading, of course, just not as quickly since I’m not trying to do the 100 Book Challenge again this year. (Maybe next year.) Also, since I would normally finish a book within three days, I still had retained even the smallest details of what I had read while I was writing my review. Now, it’s a little tougher, especially while trying not to include spoilers. If you’re still interested in my reviews and have a Goodreads account, I’d strongly encourage you to add me there, since I still get on that site quite often. Keep in mind my reviews there will have spoilers, and I won’t be reviewing every book I read, just the ones I want to review.

This isn’t a final goodbye, I promise. It’s just an apology of not posting for 6+ months, and a future apology that I probably won’t get on here again for a while. But once I do come back and get into the groove of things again, I’ll make sure the wait was worth it.

Keep on reading, guys. I’ll see you soon.



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