The Last Summer of the Death Warriors by Francisco X. Stork

The Last Summer of the Death Warriors

“It’s a declaration of intent. In the case of the Death Warrior, it is a public declaration of how the Death Warrior is going to live his life.”

Pancho, a boy whose goal is to avenge his sister’s death, and D.Q., a boy struggling with brain cancer, couldn’t be less similar. But after Pancho moves to St. Anthony’s, a home for orphaned teenagers, the two become fast friends. And when D.Q. takes Pancho with him to get treatments, Pancho is introduced to a life like he’s never expected.

This is another one of those books that I can barely type a summary for without giving something away. Believe me, I know that was a terrible summary, but don’t judge the book from that. It actually was an alright book, even though it could get boring at points and it wasn’t really my type.

There isn’t much of a central conflict in the story; it’s pretty much just a cause-and-effect kind of book. Pancho and D.Q. have this whole schedule, so for the most part you know what to expect. It’s not very exciting or anything; it’s more of a feeling kind of book, if that makes any sense.

Let me try to explain. D.Q. is dying from brain cancer, like I said earlier. But he refuses to mope around about it and would rather live every moment of his remaining life to its full extent. So there’s a lot of inspiring and deep quotes from this kid and stuff like that.

I expected a lot more, to be honest. The back cover made it seem so exciting, and it was anything but. Sorry if I’m giving you mixed signals with this review, but even I don’t know what my feelings are toward this book.


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