Saving Zoe by Alyson Noel

Saving Zoe

“But I’ve strayed so far from normal now, I’ll never find my way back. And the truth is, I no longer want to.”

Before reading Saving Zoe, I was already a little biased on Alyson Noel. I read her Immortals series (which I’ll be reviewing on here eventually) and absolutely loved it, so I had high expectations of this book. And, just as I expected, I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Saving Zoe tells of Echo, an almost-fifteen-year old girl whose sister, Zoe, was murdered about a year ago. As Echo adjusts to her life in high school, her sister’s old boyfriend gives her Zoe’s diary that she’d left at his house before she was murdered. Echo reads through the diary, discovering things she never knew about her sister, and some things that strangely connect with her own life.

With every book I love, there’s always at least one thing, even something very very minor, that I’ll dislike. Yes, these are minor things, but I’m getting them out of the way now because that’s what reviews are for. The two small things that annoyed me about this book: Zoe’s expression “thank G” in replacement of “thank god”, and Alyson Noel’s apparent obsession with cobalt blue. Literally any time a color is mentioned in the book, it’s cobalt blue. And it’s so repetitive. This annoyed me beyond words.

Other than those minor problems, this book was incredible. The connections between Zoe’s diary and Echo’s current life will keep you on the edge of your seat and prevent you from putting the book down. Judging by the fact that I read all but the first few chapters in one day, I’d call it a success.

(Also, and I didn’t notice this until recently, but be prepared for a lot of dying-related books in the future. I didn’t realize I had so many unread books with close to the same topic. I’ve only got about fifteen Christmas books left, so I’ll try to space them out as best as I can, but try not to hold a grudge if it doesn’t work out. 🙂 )


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