Shattering Glass by Gail Giles

Shattering Glass

“We’re all imprisoned in different ways.”

This is the kind of book that surprises you without surprising you. For example, in Carrie by Stephen King, you get excerpts from the book Sue wrote after the incident mixed in with the actual story. In Shattering Glass, you get quotes taken from characters and acquaintances of characters after the incident. So, yes, it kind of tells you what is about to happen, but somehow you don’t expect it anyway.

Rob Haynes is the most popular student in his school. He has control of everything, including his posse, and knows how to get whatever he wants. So when Rob sees some kids picking on Simon Glass, the biggest loser in the school, he decides to challenge himself and make Simon popular. Soon Rob realizes he is no longer in control, and as Simon becomes more and more popular, he begins to turn against everyone who got him this far, including Rob.

My summary probably made Rob seem like the good guy, but I feel that he isn’t. Even from the start, I didn’t like him at all. Honestly, he seems like the male version of Allison from the Pretty Little Liars series to me, and if you’ve ever watched the show or read the books you already know that’s not a good thing.

Anyway, I’ll stop with the references and just get to the point: this book was awesome. I have two other unread books by Gail Giles that I’m already excited to read, and by the premises of those books I can tell she’s a crime and violence kind of writer. The book I’m reading now is fairly short, so be ready for another post within the next two days. Adios!


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